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Farinacci shoes, a historic shop in Rome specializing in the sale of big and small shoes. In 1940 Farinacci Augusta opened a small shop in the African neighborhood, "Calzature Farinacci", destined to become famous throughout the city and beyond, for the quality of the footwear and attention to the customer. Furthermore, the store immediately took to heart the problem of finding shoes for small and large sizes, transforming it into a specialization: women from 32 to 46 and men from 36 to 52. And so… the dream of finding a shoe of your size and being able to choose it from a wide range of models, leathers and colors, has become a reality for many customers who buy Farinacci shoes from all over the world. The constant search for Italian suppliers and artisans is always aimed at combining the latest fashion trends with the highest quality materials, to give everyone the opportunity to wear their perfect shoe.